Qi Gong

Medical Qigong consist of a variety of very old breathing, very gentle body manipulation and inner visualization techniques designed to maintain and restore health within the body and mind.

Between January 2009 and December  2011, I trained with  dr. Steve Jackowicz in a formal Medical Qi Gong program at the Institute for Classical Asian Studies. Dr. Jackowicz comes from  Grandmaster Zhang Yuanming lineage. I also practice Sensei Niikura Ki method.

Following the training, which consists in about 250 hours of hands-on practice, and the graduation, in December 2011, I am happy and privileged to offer Medical Qi Gong treatments to those in need. A typical qi gong treatment starts with an evaluation, followed by 45 minutes treatment while you lay down on the table. After the treatment I assign homework exercises to permanently correct the body metabolism, addressing breathing, emotional and thinking patterns.


with Dr. Steve Jackowicz and Grandmaster Zheng after a session of training in New York

Be the wood. Grow and see your path.
Be the fire. Sparkle and rejoice on your way.
Be the earth. Enrich your life's soil with the ashes of experiences.
Be the metal. Condense your knowledge into wisdom.
Be the water. Let go and be one with the life's flow.
Wood to fire, fire to earth, earth to metal, metal to water, water to wood.
Grow to burn. Burn to enrich. Enrich to condense. Condense to let go. Let go to grow again.