Montorillonite Clay

Chelated Trace Minerals from Panaca, Nevada

 "The Panaca Montmorillonite deposit is superior to all other known deposits. All of the other deposits of which I am aware, were formed by volcanic action which means that most of the elements present are in the inorganic state, and are not really assimilated by animals and humans. Inorganic minerals such as dolomite, ferrous sulfate, zinc gluconate and calcium gluconate when ingested, must be made soluble in the stomach. At the same time protein is hydrolyzed into amino acids. When both are done, and conditions are right, the mineral is chelated by the amino acids, meaning suspended between two or more amino acids. Once chelated the mineral can be metabolized." (The Trace Mineral Story, by Melchior Dikkers PhD - research biochemist).

Price: $27

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Our clay was featured in the New York Daily News!